A Scratchy Problem of Your Cat

It is estimated that one in five cats have problem with fleas. And it’s, unfortunately, as easy for the fleas to get on your cat as it is hard for you, the cat owner, to get rid of them.

They are smarter than you think

Flea Treatment2The skin of your kitten can easily become a feeding and breeding home for fleas – all that is needed is your pet to meet a contaminated one or spends time in a place where such a cat lives. And fleas are no joke, please check fleatreatmentcenter.com  – just think how fast those insects are, and how quickly they breed. If a man was able to jump with the same body size to length ratio as fleas, the distance of one single jump would be up to 30 meters! One female flea can lay up to 2000 eggs during its lifespan – imagine all that on your cat!

Keep in mind that only around 5% of fleas that you can find on your cat are in their last – adult – stage. All the other are eggs, larvae or cocoons. It’s easy to assume that each and every day the population of fleas on your beloved pet is growing massively. What’s even worse, the eggs are not attached in any way to your cat’s fur, what means they can fall off anywhere in your flat and keep on developing in peace.

How to identify your cat has fleas

The domestic cat is a very clean animal. Licking and scratching are an everyday activity for every cat, but you should notice if the frequency of those actions increases significantly. It’s the first signal that your cat may have caught fleas. To make sure whether your observation is right, it should be enough to thoroughly comb your cat and check whether you find any fleas, eggs or fleas’ feces on the comb. Should you find any, it’s time for treatment.

Flea treatment for cats

Adult fleas should be easily visible to the naked eye. An unrecognized or ignored flea invasion can lead to a flea allergic dermatitis or a cat-scratch disease, which can be transmitted to human. The symptoms for a cat include a red skin and skin allergy – this is a reaction to the toxic fleas’ saliva. The cat-scratch disease may show almost no symptoms for a cat, but its owner, if infected, may require antibiotics.

To treat your cat, consult its situation with a vet. He will most likely recommend you a special spray which will either kill the adult fleas or help you get rid of the cocoons and eggs. Remember that you may have to help your cat with a comb and a bath.

Don’t forget that your cat’s coat is just half of the problem. You can’t win with fleas unless you clean your house. Vacuum everything, including any furniture, carpets, beds and any holes and cracks you know of. Wash your cats’ blanket and toys (or whatever it is that it sleeps on) and keep the temperature moderately high to make sure you get rid of fleas, eggs, and larvae.

Health problem which can be caused by fleas may be very dangerous both for you and your cat. That’s why, it’s important to prevent fleas from settling on your cat, because once they get there, they are a very tough opponent and getting rid of them is usually a very time-consuming process.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking For Car Warranties

There are naturally a lot of concerns that go along with purchasing a used car. You just can’t be too sure if what you’re getting is quality. This is why purchasing a warranty is the best and most practical solution in this case. However, before you purchase your warranty, you need to be aware of how to choose the best one for you. Let’s discuss three questions you should keep in mind when deciding what type of warranty you need to buy.

1. How Reliable Does It Seem?

Car Warranty2And by reliable we mean, who is actually backing the contract? Take time to audit the company and take note of all of their financial strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, you should only purchase a warranty from a company that has an “A” rating.

2. How Long Will It Last?

What good is a warranty if it expires a few days after you purchase the car? Look for one that allows you at least 100,00 miles. This will give you time to make sure that the car doesn’t have any hidden problems.

3. What Are Others Saying About It?

One of the most helpful and telling things you can take advantage of is car warranty reviews. Check out what others are saying about it. Are they completely satisfied or are they warning people against purchasing?

4. How Do The Disbursals Work?

How will the company pay you out? Are you expected to pay for the repairs initially and then get reimbursed later? Or do they immediately compensate you? Don’t wait until there’s a problem to ask. Find out on the front end.

Buying a used care doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience, but you must be willing to do a significant amount of research if you want to get a good deal. And being familiar with the best warranties is the most important step you can take. Don’t leave your fate in the hands of the dealer; do your own background checks.